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The Savannah College of Art & Design

B.F.A in Fibers, minor in Art History

Graduated Cum Laude, May 2020

I'm Wolfgang Lexington Mackenzie Hare,

or just Lexi, because that's a mouthful. I'm an artist, designer, collector, and wallpaper enthusiast.

Things you'll never find me without include:

a ring for every finger, matchbooks, my flea market Nikon film camera, and a brush pen.


My passion for print and pattern work comes from my love of interior spaces, and my desire to create livable spaces that adapt to its inhabitants needs.

My work is multi-faceted in both theme and medium. Sculpture and film photography are

part of my daily practice, but I'm equally drawn

to the structure and history of traditional

textile design like pattern work and weaving.

Being raised in a peripatetic lifestyle with a

loosely Catholic upbringing has informed most

of my work. The varying physical landscapes

of my childhood ranging from the islands of

Japan to the American South, paired with my accumulatory tendencies meet somewhere in

the middle to form what you see here.

Thanks for stopping by!