“And I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, and how much was mine to keep.” -Kurt Vonnegut

          Apotheosize explores the history of self and natural tendencies towards a perpetual cycle of destruction and revival. These swatches build on an emotional landscape, connecting personal symbolism with artifacts left behind- teeth, hair, bones, history...

          Taking inspiration from the Victorian Era Memento Mori trend, Apotheosize bridges memory  and materiality, integrating a perplexing array of  textiles and objects into distinctive surfaces. 

Untitled-1 (19) 3.jpg

No. 1

undrinkable rivers

bull denim, crystallized netting,

typewriter poetry on

antique paper

and i remember those

blue veins

running down your neck

like undrinkable rivers

i remember my 


and the empty valleys

my hands

found in yours

Untitled-1 (19) 4.jpg

No. 2


antique mori lace, pearls, antique chandelier

pieces, borax crystallization, puff additive

the light

is still

on in your


Untitled-1 (19) 5.jpg

No. 3

delta dimanche

linen, ink,

fresh-water pearls 

snake vertebrae 

the mississippi delta

birthed my fear

of snakes

the sunday

market in

l'isle sur

la sorgue


my fear of confessional love

Untitled-1 (19) 6.jpg

No. 4

another toothache

just like the last

satin, antique lace,

crystallized netting, wax, 

human teeth

have you ever 

heard the lore

about being

granted any

wish, any desire

for the small price

of prying

each of your teeth

out, one by one?

Untitled-1 (19) 7.jpg

No. 5

i didn't want

to know

cotton, antique book pages, metal rings, horse hair

those latin classes

are still


Untitled-1 (19) 8.jpg

No. 6


satin, netting, thread,

crystallized faux fur,

human hair

like a hair locket,

but for someone

who cares

a hell of a lot