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death to ghost culture!

As a reformed ghoster, where I often would stop responding out of boredom, fear, my own cowardice or just completely forgetting, this series was very interesting to me. I think as a whole we’ve become a ghost culture, where we can easily stop talking to someone altogether because of the ease of social media. I used to joke and call myself the “block” queen, because as soon as I felt it necessary (for the aforementioned reasons) I’d block the unlucky person on Instagram etc. I used to do these things with very little thought of how the other person would be affected by me dropping off the face of the earth. Which is honestly scary! The few times I’ve been ghosted, it HURT. So why would I do this to others? I think it was being able to hide behind my phone, which felt like a cloak of anonymity. As I’ve gotten older, I realized that it’s way more beneficial to EVERYONE in the long run to just be upfront about how you’re feeling. Like “hey I don’t really think we should hang out anymore because I’m not interested/this relationship isn’t serving me etc.” It’s scary to be that honest, but I’ve had someone do this to me and it took the wondering what I did wrong out of the situation. DEATH TO GHOST CULTURE!

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