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love letters lost

I like so many have felt the results of ghosting whether it be with friendships or with guys, even if they didn’t mean to ghost? I think the precedent set for relationships of all kinds now with so many avenues to communicate leaves room for SO much error in communication and more ways to get distracted and not reply, or get rejected on more and more platforms in different ways. So much that it’s hard to ignore. I have always preferred to share my feelings in the form of letters and try to articulate with feeling my thoughts in their truest form. Last winter I wrote a letter to someone I had been seeing and really cared about, excited to see him when we both returned home. I mustered up the courage to write it and send it in the mail to NYC - and he never ever got it. Curious to think what that means in the realm of most intentional communication, the letter, there is still room for error. I guess he wasn’t ever supposed to get it. Now I’ve moved on we’ve gone different ways, probably for the best. But someone must have received my letter ....

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