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summer softness

Dear Wolfgang,

I received post card no. 6

After my initial excitement from simply reviving mail I took some time to just look over the postcard. It survived the shipping process just fine. ~no scratches~

The front of the card instantly transported me to my ideal summer. Everyone wants to have a memorable summer. Days filled with passion, partying, and sunlight that never seems to fade. Every year I try to have my perfect summer and each year I fall short.

Spending the last few days before classes mourning what should’ve been.

On the back of the card these words are written- “My thoughts have gotten so much softer after summer” I don’t think I could’ve felt theses words more deeply. There are reasons that I connected so deeply to this statement but for now I will keep those reasons to myself. Sometimes I think it just takes the changing of the seasons to pull myself back into reality.

<3 Kate

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